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双录取 Overview

双录取 Mission

The 双录取 Program at Los Angeles Valley College enables traditionally underserved high school students an opportunity to gain college credits before high school completion. Our team is committed to identifying appropriate career academic pathways, workforce opportunities, and providing inclusive instruction to students who have previously experienced barriers to higher education.

双录取 Vision

The 双录取 program at Los Angeles Valley College aims to partner with all feeder high schools ensuring students who would most benefit from dual enrollment, are invited to participate in the program using clear and guided pathways. Our goal is to provide historically underserved students with a college experience that will help eliminate barriers to higher education.

双录取 Program Purpose

Dual enrollment provides students with the opportunity to take college courses while in high school. The program enables high school students to experience college coursework, taught by college instructors, thus preparing them for college and career success. Under LAVC’s Guided 通路 Model - 职业生涯 and 学术途径 (CAP), new students will explore career and college options, choose a program of study, and develop a full-program educational plan early on. Undecided students begin honing in on a program by choosing a CAP (meta-major), such as social and behavioral sciences; science, 技术, 工程, and mathematics (STEM); or humanities and communication. The first-term curriculum for each CAP includes a course centered on college and career planning and success, in which students are required to research career and academic interests. Students work with an advisor to develop a customized full-program educational plan by the end of the first year.

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